Fully controlled lighting for detailed object shooting!

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Photon is the most advanced mini studio with constant LED lighting. Fully controlled lighting for detailed object shooting!

Simple installation

Does not require any professional skills


Much cheaper than studio equipment

Placing, space savings

1/4m2 in contrast to 3m2


Instant change of lighting


When lighting is constant on the object, you instantly see the result of lighting scene


At home, in the office or shop you can easily get quality content without any photography skills.


Each module consists of 25 active light blocks 100 x 100 mm

Total 2700 LED lights

Each block has 36 LED elements

Each module has its Wi-Fi transmitter


Being assembled and connected to power supply, modules run test mode (turn on all) to check serviceability and welcome command (smile) to add a photo.

Then each module connects to Wi-Fi, which is indicated in App. After that you can easily manage modules from any device which is in the same net.

Modules control is managed through display of light scenes on the screen of device (smartphone) by setting up your scenes or downloading pre-sets.

Modules configuration is changed according to shooting object size, backgrounds and screens necessity. The system also allows to connect more than 3 modules.

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